Problems Associated With a Cardiac Baby

Showing off your baby is natural. Unfortunately for parents like us, this really isn’t an option. Since Eric’s health needs to be monitored closely, after every procedure for months, he can’t get his inoculations. Inoculations can cause a child to get a fever and we need to be sure that the fever is not an infection from the surgery/procedure. This forces the entire family to become reclusive. With another surgery coming up, we can’t risk anyone bringing in a sickness. He HAS to have the surgery, sick or not. It’s already a risky procedure, so it could create a higher fatality rate if he’s sick.

Cabin fever has become a serious issue with us. We’ve allowed ourselves to go to the park with Eric, but even family functions get tricky. It’s cold and flu season — and people still go to events sick.

We’re hoping that in a few months we’ll be allowed to start Eric on his inoculations. That will be a milestone! Image


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