Next Surgery… Countdown


Eric’s next open-heart surgery is in a few days. As a family, we are spending this time together — getting as much as we can of each other before we’re split apart, until Eric leaves the hospital.

The surgery will last from 4-8 hours. The first few hours will consist of removing scar tissue from his first surgery. His heart will be stopped for the surgery and he will be placed on the heart-lung bypass machine. The entire right side of his heart will be reconstructed to remove the dangerous pressures inside and ease the workload.

I worry about my daughter, Elora. She had such a hard time with separation last time, but since this is drastically shorter, perhaps it won’t be so bad… or as bad. I’m very excited because she’ll be able to see her brother in the hospital this time around. When he was born, she got sick and couldn’t see him. We couldn’t even keep her with us for fear of it spreading to us. If we get sick, we can’t see Eric.

So, this time, we bought her a Doc McStuffins doctor outfit and she has a bag full of “check-up” stuff. That way, she can be Nurse Elora and go give her brother a check-up. I think it will be very beneficially for her. I want her to feel included. I want her to see where her brother is, where I am and what we’ve been doing. I don’t want it to be a mystery. I want her to feel included and that she can help her brother.

We’re  surprising her with the outfit when it’s close to her being able to come visit him. I can’t wait!


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