The days following the first surgery… blast back

I found some diary entries from Eric’s first surgery recovery time and I wanted to share them.

October 4, 2013

Today was Richard’s day to visit Eric. Eric was off the CPAP again, so I was really happy to hear it.

His belly button– umbilical chord line– came out today, which was a really big step! He’s had that since he was born.

He was also started on bottles!

The doctors are considering when Eric can go to 3West (critical care unit). They think maybe this weekend! This would mean only… another week?

Elora had fun with me at my aunt’s house. The maids came and she was so happy to have new friends to make. She was very helpful by sweeping the carpet and the cat. She also gave the two ladies lots of hugs, jumped on the beds while they tried to change sheets (I helped by getting her to stop and do other, honestly helpful things) and played with my aunt’s birthday balloon.

Eric’s vitals today:

HR: 154

Pleth (oxygen saturation) 96

RR (respiratory) 38

OCTOBER 6, 2013

Today was the first day I’ve gotten to really SEE Eric. Before, he’s always had the CPAP on or something blocking my view of his face. He still has the nasal prongs in his nose, sending him room air, but he’s off everything else!

He’s staying in the CVICU only because his heart rate has been high (tachycardia) for no known reason. It’s understandable that they want to monitor him.

I got to feed him a bottle for the first time!

This was the first day Eric has really seen me. He’s always been on medicine that makes him sleepy, so it was a big day for the both of us! He just STARED at me, so wide-eyed for the longest time.

He’s so strong. He can turn his head, of course, but he can smile! He had so many facial expressions throughout the evening: smiles, upset icky food look…

Eric was in “the pod.” This time in the far right corner. There were only three other babies, which was nice. It was very quiet and peaceful today.

I held him for a few hours, which took a lot of adjusting — literally- because of his chest bone and he kept wiggling in discomfort.

I enjoyed talking with the nurses on duty. It was like we were all just hanging out because all the babies were being perfect. Both nurses had substantial training and credentials (I learned as they compared experiences and hospitals they worked at).

All was quiet and peaceful, as Eric lay in my arms… until I started to feel hot. Soon, I started to feel nauseas. I couldn’t shake the feeling and finally had to ask one of the nurses to take Eric from me and put him down.

The brunette nurse asked if I was all right. I said no. I remember a blonde nurse taking Eric, then being surrounded by hospital staff. I heard one nurse on the phone asking for a doctor to come in.

I think there were five nurses and one doctor surrounding me within three minutes. I began dry heaving as they put oxygen on me, blew 02 on me out of Eric’s little emergency air pump bag, got me into a stable chair (off my high chair), put my feet up on a bio hazard garbage can (it’s just a glorified garbage can), took my blood pressure (which was low), wrapped me in blankets, poured — no choice — orange juice and apple juice down my throat.

I felt so ridiculous that their entire day was uneventful… and that I would be the drama! The two nurses were soooooo sweet. They ordered me food from the cafeteria and had me rest for almost an hour.

I was surprisingly shaky. And, apparently, all the color had drained from my face instantly — when I was initially sick, which got them moving fast.

I realized soon, that I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours or so. With all the stress, food never even occurred to me anymore. I ordered a ham sandwich on rye, two cookies adn they had me add fries just because. It was nice being snuggled in blankets , in a rocker, and eat — watching my baby sleep.

And the lights were turned down low in the pod.

It was so relaxing. I was the only parent in the pod.

OCTOBER 7, 2013

The IVs in Eric’s hands came out today. So, all he has left are the monitors, the lines in his heart (in case they need to manually control his heart beat), the PICC line, which will come out when it’s time to go home.

The nurses feel comfortable that Eric will go to 3West tomorrow! This is the last stop before he goes home!

I never thought we’d make it to this point…

They were worried about tachycardia. But, its quite clear that my pregnancy induced heart problems were because of his heart problems.



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