The following days…

January 7, 2014 (Tuesday)

Eric is doing beyond amazing. I swear, miracles happen at this hospital. He had to have a “no-no” board put on his right arm because he kept pulling on the wires all over himself. The board keeps him from doing this. I image him thinking, “You think you’ve stopped my fun… but it’s only just begun.” He then began whacking the little toy they had hanging over him. It was really cute and adorable. I’m so thankful he feels good enough. Well, it’s not like he was playing… he’s still too little… but it felt that way. He feels good enough to babble — that’s amazing. He still isn’t really smiling, but he’s happy enough to kick and move about vigorously. Amazed. Seriously.

January 8, 2014 (Wednesday)

Every day he looks and acts more normal: babbling, kicking, flailing… still not really smiling, though. Not that we can blame him — he’s still in pain.

He was MOVED TO 3WEST TODAY. Two days post surgery and he’s moved out of the intensive care unit to a more general care. I just can’t believe it. He was sleeping peacefully when we arrived. He didn’t cry at all while we were there. He’s always been a mellow-fellow. Always. Unless he’s wet or hungry, he’s happy just to hang out.



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